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Our Curriculum

1. Mock Course: The signature component of the EYE Retreat is its mock course. Click here to access the course materials and learning activities.

2. Research: All learning activities of the EYE Retreat are based on the research of Belch (2004) and McDroom. Click here to read more about the research.

3. Theory: Each college environment is different and the experience one has at each college is different. Tinto (1975) created a theory to explain why students often dropout of college. Tinto suggests that the greater the academic and social involvement on campus the more likely a student is to persist and graduate. His theory is based on the events immediately prior to enrollment and during the course of attendance. Click here to read more about his theory.

4.  Programming.  The EYE Retreat aims to squeeze five years of one's life into five days.  We begin by focusing on the transition from high school to college.  Next, we model the events one may expect to encounter while attending college.  Finally, we conclude by focusing on the transition from college to community living.  Click here to check out the typical schedules from previous summers.

5. Assessment. The Perceptions, Expectations, Emotions, and Knowledge (PEEK) assessment is used to measure the impact of participation in the EYE Retreat. Each participant is provided with a report of their scores, which is helpful to both the participant and their future institution of higher learning. Click here to read more about the PEEK assessment.