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The Perceptions, Expectations, Emotions, and Knowledge (PEEK) assessment was created at the University of Texas at Austin to help students identify their own beliefs, expectations, and attitudes about college (Weinstein, Palmer, Hanson, 1995). The PEEK is a self-report assessment. This is important because unrealistic expectations or beliefs about college can lead to academic and social difficulties, which may ultimately lead to disassociation with the college. It is equally important to note that expectations vary from college to college so results are highly individualized (Weinstein, et al, 1995). The assessment is divided into three sections, each having ten questions. The personal category aims to measure how students perceive college fits into their goals, how they will take ownership of their learning, and how well they are prepared for college level work. The social category seeks to measure preparedness for the pressures of college, interactions with faculty, and relationships with friends. The academic category measures how students perceive the expectations of college work, the type of instruction in college, and the role of faculty.

The PEEK assessment can be administered individually or in a group setting. Test administrators require no special training (Weinstein, et al, 1995). The purpose of the assessment and the directions should be read aloud to the test taker. The PEEK assessment is administered online by H&H Publishing. Upon completion, a distribution report is created to compare scores for group administrations of the assessments. Individual reports are also generated (Weinstein, et al, 1995).

The PEEK assessment will be administered to each participant on day one of the EYE Retreat. Results of the assessment will be reviewed individually with each participant. The PEEK assessment will be administered again at the conclusion of the week. A report will be developed for each participant outlining the areas in which they indicated growth, regression, or remained static. The results will be shared with parents for those under the age of majority or to any parent upon consent of the participant.



Weinstein, C., Palmer, D., and Hanson, G. (1995). Perceptions, expectations, emotions and         knowledge about college. Clearwater, FL: H&H.