100 Level Courses

EYE 100

Peer Mentoring and Eye Seminar

EYE 101

Tips for Success When Applying to College

EYE 102

Life on Campus

EYE 103

Dealing with the Public as a Person with Visual Impairment

EYE 104

Tips for Independent Living --

EYE 105

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle -

EYE 106

Personal Safety on Campus

EYE 107

Financial Aid Snapshot

EYE 108

Applications In Independence

EYE 109

Making an Informed Choice of Accessing your Environment and Education

EYE 110

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy --

EYE 111

Braille In College -

EYE 112

Assistive Technology Options

EYE 113

Academic Expectations

EYE 114

Exploring Your Options at a Community College

EYE 115

Rehabilitation and Training Centers -

EYE 116

Using Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Gain Work Experience

EYE 117

Interview Like a S.T.A.R. -

EYE 118

Sports and Recreation

EYE 119

Orientation and Mobility