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Off Campus
Travel Policy



It shall be the policy of the Envisioning Youth Empowerment Retreat to permit participant off-campus travel (not as part of a scheduled EYE Retreat group activity) as a matter of privilege only during specified times.


Participants wishing to travel off-campus must adhere to the following guidelines.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in revocation of off-campus travel privilege for the remainder of the EYE Retreat.


  1. Off campus travel is permitted only during designated hours.

  2. Weather conditions, program activities, or other factors may limit or prohibit off-campus travel at the sole discretion of the President/Director.

  3. A staff member must accompany any participant off-campus and they must travel in groups of three (a staff member counts as one of the required three) or more.

  4. Participants must provide the location of their destination and an estimated return time.

  5. Participants under the age of eighteen must have parent permission to travel off-campus for non-EYE Retreat scheduled activities.

  6. The EYE Retreat and its staff are not responsible for any injuries, actions, or decisions by those who travel off campus. 

  7. Those traveling off campus must report their intended destination, method and route of travel, and estimated return time. 

  8. The EYE Retreat reserves the right to request law enforcement conduct welfare checks of missing persons or those who fail to return at the designated time.



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