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This is a picture of the EYE Retreat Logo. The words Envisioning Youth Empowerment are in an arch above a picture of an eye. The word retreat is below the eye and Established 2009 is below the word retreat.  The color scheme is blue and yellow.
EYE 2014.jpeg

EYE 2014


Dates: July 27th - August 2nd

Attendance: 38

Representation: Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

2014 Staff

Leadership Team:

  • Alan Chase, M.Ed., Coordinator

  • Brice Smith, B.A., Assistant to the Coordinator

  • Lacey Coward, MSW, Assistant Coordinator

  • Eric Galindo, Assistant Coordinator

  • Preston Johnson, Assistant Coordinator

  • Mike Cox, Senior Group Leader

  • Kevin Currin, Senior Group Leader

  • Bobbi Pompey, Senior Group Leader

  • Jewel Shuping, Senior Group Leader

Group Leaders:

  • Calvin Brandon

  • Ashley Coleman

  • John Dyson

  • Josue Pena

  • Jon Poston

  • Quinette Richardson

  • DJ Robinson

  • Monique Thompson

  • Kathryn Webster


  • Billy Pickens, III

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