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This is a picture of the EYE Retreat Logo. The words Envisioning Youth Empowerment are in an arch above a picture of an eye. The word retreat is below the eye and Established 2009 is below the word retreat.  The color scheme is blue and yellow.

The 2020 EYE Retreat was held virtually. Originally, the June 2020 EYE Retreat was postponed until August 2020 due to COVID-19. However, the August 2020 rescheduled date was cancelled due to Hurricane Isaias making landfall along the North Carolina coast as well as continued impacts from COVID-19.

EYE 2020


Dates: August 7 - August 15, 2020

Attendance: Approximately 200

Representation: All 50 States and Washington DC

2020 Staff

Leadership Team:

  • Dr. Alan Chase, Director

  • Bryant Avant, Assistant to the Director

  • Sue Chase, Dorm Coordinator

  • Joe Allen, Volunteer Coordinator

Group Leaders:

  • Cassidy Hopper

  • Amanda Johnson

  • Catherine Newman


  • Terrell Covington

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